Monday, October 20, 2008

Aberthau Imposters?

I noticed that this year Aberthau Mansion is listing a haunted house on the weekend before Halloween. Before I took over, and after I left, the haunt there was very amature. Without going, I cannot comment on the quality of the haunt this year, but I can comment on the fact that they have stolen the writeup I used for my haunt in 2001. I am interested if the haunt can actually live up to being a "more creative sensory experience" with a storyline, or if it will be teenagers in hockey masks. If anyone goes, please let me know.

The copy I wrote in 2001 which appears in this year's flyer:

Brave your fears as you explore the manifestations
of your darkest nightmares. We move beyond the
realm of teenagers in hockey masks and peeled grape
eyeballs into much more creative and artistic
sensory experience where our audience is hurled
into the middle of our gruesome storyline. What’s
happening at Aberthau? Find out as nightmares
become reality at Aberthau Haunted Mansion