Saturday, October 07, 2006

Halloween 2006

I wanted to take some time off from haunting in 2006 to allow time to visit other haunts, something I've never had the time to do in the past. I visited as many haunted houses as I could, and had a blast. I also won an iPod Nano at the Blarney Stone for my scary scarecrow costume that I whipped together. Halloween is so great! I was also given the opportunity to get involved with the haunted house put on at the Bridge Studios. This was really exciting at first, knowing the props, sets and skills that would be put into the event, but as everything came together, and Sean and my ideas were ignored, I distanced myself from the show as much as I could. It's much more of a Halloween Stunt Funtacular than a haunted house.

Here are some photos from 2005:

Here are some other haunted houses to check out:

Barnyard Phantoms (Surrey) -Recommended
Bear Creek Ghost Train (Surrey) -Recommended
Double Spurs Haunted House (Abbotsford) -Recommended
Fright Nights (Vancouver) -Recommended
Haunted Studio Tour (Burnaby)
Potters House of Horrors (Surrey) -Strongly Recommended
Reapers Haunted Attractions (Chilliwack) -Strongly Recommended
Stanley Park Ghost Train (Vancouver)
Tarkov's Haunted Gallery (Fort Langley).
Trethewey House Sacry Tour (Abbotsford)