Monday, October 17, 2011

2011 Haunts Open Now

Many Vancouver area haunts will be open the weekend of Halloween, but there are some open already for your screaming pleasure.

Potter's House of Horrors-A Great haunt with a new facade this year.  Plan your night right and hit the Bear Creek Scream Train too which is just a short drive away (Surrey)
Bear Creek Scream Train -We always get some great laughs and hear many screams from this train. Actors can and will touch you. (Surrey)
Fright Nights at Playland. -I've not been back since a bad experience. It might be worth it if you go on a rainy weekday, but I've found that they oversell the attraction and too many people in the haunts, and long lines wreck the fun. (Vancouver)
Dunbar Haunted House Always a wonderfully decorated haunt with some clever scares. Their first year at a new location which should open up some new possibilities. Proceeds to charity. (Vancouver)
Reapers - A great haunt that embraces darkness really well. Great scares. (Chilliwack)

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